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Spencer Hitchen

Meet Spencer Hitchen, a 13-year-old dynamo on a mission to safeguard the majestic Glossy Black-Cockatoos from the brink of extinction.

His journey began with the inception of Save Sunrise Glossies, dedicated to protecting the local Wallum ecosystem. Six years into his ecological crusade, Spencer has gathered an impressive 84,000 signatures on his petition, to preserve this precious habitat.

In a world where many kids are consumed by video games and social media, Spencer stands out as a young guardian of nature. Armed with a camera and unwavering passion, he utilizes his photography and keen observations to convey the vital importance of protecting habitats and nature’s wonders. Through this lens, he crafts a compelling narrative, enlightening others on the critical significance of preserving ecosystems for threatened species and the generations yet to come.

Spencer is not content with mere signatures and photographs, he takes the stage, captivating audiences with talks about the urgency of conservation. He has created the Save Sunrise Glossies 2023 and 2024 calendars, blending art and advocacy to showcase the breathtaking beauty of biodiversity.

As if that weren’t enough, Spencer initiated the World Stand UP 4 Nature Day on September 9, 2023, a global platform showcasing the amazing people around the world who are standing up for our planet’s last wild places.

Spencer’s journey is a testament to the extraordinary impact a single individual, no matter their age, can have on the world. Spencer states that “together as a collective, we can all make a difference”. With Spencer at the helm, the magic of our planet has an unstoppable advocate, ensuring that its wonders endure for the future generations to come.