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Natalie Isaacs

Natalie Isaacs is the founder of 1 Million Women, a global movement of women and girls who take practical action to fight dangerous climate change by changing the way they live. Her first book, ‘Every Woman’s Guide to Saving the Planet’ (HarperCollins/ABC Books, 2018), has been republished in the UK in 2020, and the US in 2021 and Natalie’s second book, ‘Right Here, Right Now’ (HarperCollins/ABC books) was released on the 20th July, 2022 and will be available internationally in September.

Since launching 1 Million Women in 2009, Natalie has dedicated herself to empowering women to act on climate change. Under her leadership, 1 Million Women has grown from scratch into a movement of over 1,000,000, winning recognition from the United Nations as a ‘lighthouse activity for the planet’. Natalie is far from being a ‘traditional green role-model’. A former cosmetic manufacturer and small business owner, her own climate change journey from apathy to action cuts through the complexity of this vital 21st century challenge, and delivers a simple message that resonates with women and girls of all ages.

Through her mission, Natalie has motivated and empowered tens of thousands of schoolgirls and hundreds of thousands of women to change the way they use energy, buy and consume ‘stuff’, reduce food waste and other food choices, travel around, make fashion choices and invest their money. As a pioneer in the gender and climate change arena in Australia, Natalie’s philosophy is that real behaviour change begins with personal action; her goal through 1 Million Women is to empower as many women and girls as possible to act on the climate crisis.

In 2017, Natalie was named the Australian Geographical Society Conservationist of the Year. In 2019, 1 Million Women won the Rare People’s Choice Award – a global award that honours behaviour change innovation – topping the popular vote out of 200 entries from 46 countries. Natalie is deeply invested in building a better world for today’s and future generations. She believes we’re all living in the critical decade for climate action, and we’re all needed to drive transformational change by 2030.

‘How we live each day, how we spend and invest our money, how we vote and the influence we have in our households, workplaces and communities are all keys to solving the challenge of climate change.’ – Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder.