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Kirsty Bishop-Fox

Kirsty Bishop-Fox is a sustainability educator and changemaker, known for empowering people to embrace sustainability in their everyday lives.

Her relatable perspective on waste, recycling, and sustainable living breaks down barriers, making environmental consciousness accessible and achievable for all.

Kirsty has collaborated with businesses of all sizes, government agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations. Currently serving as a Program Manager for the Sustainable Living Festival, member of the Maroondah Environment Advisory Committee, and co-founder and president of Zero Waste Victoria, Kirsty is deeply immersed in the sustainable living movement. Balancing her time, Kirsty delivers impactful education programs for the BBC Earth Experience, Yarra Valley Water and various organisations who champion sustainable practices.

While the saying goes that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, Kirsty flips the script by revealing the untapped potential and value within each of us, and the items we consume. Her passion is to motivate individuals to take action to live today, like tomorrow matters.