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Erin Rhoads

Erin Rhoads is a sought after environmental writer, speaker, educator and campaigner who activates community connection through everyday sustainability actions specific to reducing plastic and waste. Her blog The Rogue Ginger was founded in 2013 and quickly became a popular resource for zero waste, plastic free and sustainable living with over 35 million visitors to date.

In 2018 Erin authored her first book Waste Not: Make a big difference by throwing away less, following up in 2019 with Waste Not Everyday. A recognised voice in sustainability Erin’s down to earth tips frequently feature on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and podcasts across the world, and has presented over 400 talks and workshops to all ages helping people shift habits to become changemakers.

She provided expertise as a consultant on the award winning TVshow War On Waste and has been a sustainability correspondent for ABC Radio. When she’s got a spare moment being Mum to her two young children, Erin uses her passion for people power to organise and assist successful environmental groups and campaigns with meaningful impact