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Djirri Djirri

Djirri Djirri are the only Wurundjeri female dance group, and are Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne) and surrounds.


Djirri Djirri means Willy Wagtail in Woiwurrung, our Mother Tongue. The Willy Wagtail is the Spirit’s Messenger and gave us dance! Our dances honour our Liwik (Ancestors), Kerr-up-non (Family), Biik (Country) and animals. We are all connected by blood through one woman, Borate, Berak’s (William Barak’s) sister. We ngarrga (dance) and yinga (sing) together as bininang (cousins), babi (nieces), girrin (aunties), baban (mothers), manggip (daughters), liwurruk (sisters) and bubup (babies).