Meet dirtgirl, a multi-award-winning sensation whose passion for the great outdoors, growing healthy food, and embracing a fulfilling, simple lifestyle has captured the hearts of children and families worldwide.


A modern-day eco-warrior, dirtgirl is a talented independent music and screen artist boasting multiple ARIA nominations, an Emmy award, impressive social media presence, and the prestigious International Song Writing Competition’s ‘Best Kid’s Song in the World’ award among her many accomplishments.

Building on the success of her TV projects, dirtgirl has been tirelessly innovating new ways to help busy families lead a more satisfying, resilient life. She is up to her eyeballs creating engaging waste management/recovery education programs for LGAs and rolling out across the nation her early years sustainability curriculum, the Get Grubby Program, to inspire and empower children to help the community grow a climate safe future.

But dirtgirl’s talents don’t end there! Now she is hitting the naturehood, spreading her eco-friendly message with ‘dirtgirl’s Garden Party’, seeding folkified versions of her poptomistic tunes. Get ready to harvest the joy!