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Ann Jones

Well known as the ABC’s ‘nature nerd’, Ann’s on-air career began as a daily radio host, where she developed a special affinity with all things land and nature.

Now a network presenter with ABC Radio National, Ann can be heard across Australia, the Asia Pacific and also on CBC (Canada) showcasing the best of nature, adventure and scientific research on the program, What the Duck?! The program is conceived, hosted and produced by Ann herself, led by her absurd curiosity for the natural world.

Her willingness to explore the sillier side of the environment led to her being chosen to host the children’s nature-adventure podcast ‘Noisy by Nature’ on ABC Kids Listen. Her sometimes accurate but always funny animal impressions have become a hit with kids and make biology easy for everyone in the family.Ann brings her enthusiasm to Television screens, presenting documentaries for ABC Catalyst and programs like Meet the Penguins as well as undertaking live broadcasting events like Southern Ocean Live for the ABC and Northern Pictures.Ann also presents the award-winning ‘How Deadly / How Extra’ series for ABC Science which has tens of millions of views across social media and broadcast platforms.

It’s worth noting that Ann’s PhD is actually in history, and has an academic history book under her belt. In short, Ann loves telling a good story, no matter the medium or the topic which makes her more and more sought after to speak at and MC conferences and events.