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To prevent system collapse, humanity must rapidly mobilise to reduce emissions to zero, remove dangerous GHG pollution already in the atmosphere, while also finding safe ways to reflect solar radiation. Finding safe pathways to achieve this course of action is critical for a sound climate action strategy.

Join the Festival for this mini summit presenting a series of cutting edge forums exploring the growing movement of action to reduce, remove and reflect for climate safety. Get the latest insights from local and international climate advocates.

Session 1 | 1pm-2pm

Global Cooling

International climate cooling & activism
This session will provide an introduction to the growing international calls for the urgent need for climate intervention research. As youth climate action groups begin to emerge and campaign for climate cooling, we present some of the leading groups and initiatives from around the world that are grappling with the need to rapidly cool the planet.

David Spratt
Research Direct – National Centre for Climate Restoration

Anton Keskinen
Head of Strategy at Operaatio Arktis

Anni Pokela
Project Manager at Operaatio Arktis

Session 2 | 2.15pm – 3pm

Australia’s Climate Rescue Accord

Political parties are working on a climate rescue platform to stop and reverse global heating.

The Climate Rescue Accord began as climate policy talks between political parties. The resulting Accord working group committed to: pursue what was required to stop and reverse warming, build a suite of policy options that underpin the 3Rs: reduce, remove and repair, get other parties, independents and organisations on board. The Climate Rescue Accord working group will present on the 3Rs, work to date, next steps and ways to get involved.

Mik Aidt
Co-founder of the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign

Dr Adam Cardalini
Co-founder of the Climate Rescue Accord / Liaison for the Animal Justice Party

Antoinette Pitt
Executive of the Australian Progressives Party

Rob Bakes
Convener of Vote Climate One

Bryony Edwards
Co-founder of the Climate Rescue Accord / Representative for the Fusion Party

Session 3 | 3.15pm – 4.15pm

Reclaiming The Climate Emergency Locally

How we can accelerate action by all levels of government to reverse global warming.

Thousands of councils around the world have made climate emergency declarations (CEDs). These declarations accelerated action on global warming while leading state and national governments. However, no council has gone into full climate emergency mode or fully mobilised. This forum unpacks what council mobilisation looks like and how to get your council into emergency mode. This forum is a precursor to Reclaiming the Climate Emergency Conference in April 2024.

Sally MacAdams
Climate Emergency Australia / Coordinator

Adrian Whitehead
CACE / Council Officer

Bryony Edwards
Director CACE

Trent McCarthy
Darebin Councillor & Sustainability Expert

Dale Martin
Local Government Climate Emergency campaigner

Tiffany Harrison
Coordinator and the world’s first climate emergency officer


Sat 24 Feb 2024


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