Stephanie Kelton, a senior economic adviser to Bernie Sanders and a professor of economics and public policy at Stony Brook University, is popular in a way that economists, almost definitionally, are not. Stephanie is the foremost advocate of an economic movement called Modern Monetary Theory, which, in part, argues that the government can, and should, pay for programs requiring big spending, such as a mobilisation to fight the climate emergency and protect our environment.

Join Stephanie, in conversation with multi-award-winning journalist Natasha Mitchell, for a discussion of her best selling book The Deficit Myth: How to Build a Better Economy, which explains modern monetary theory (MMT) and the critical role of deficit spending.

This event will be recorded by ABC Radio National Big Idea’s.

“Anything that is technically feasible is financially affordable.”



Sat 9 Mar 2024


State Library Victoria Theatrette
328 Swanston Street (access from La Trobe Street)
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Wurundjeri Country

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Full Price $15
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