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1:45pm to 3:30pm—Sun 25 Feb 2024

Brougham Street Cohousing

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Cohousing is about community-centered living where individuals or families have their own private homes but share common spaces and facilities with their neighbours. It’s designed to foster a sense of community, cooperation, and social interaction while maintaining individual autonomy. Very few examples of this approach to living exist in Australia. Yet the potential for this approach to improve quality of life outcomes is immense.

In cohousing, residents often participate in the design and management of the community, deciding on shared spaces like a communal kitchen, gardens, recreational areas, or meeting spaces. These shared areas encourage interaction and collaboration among neighbours, leading to stronger social connections, shared responsibilities, and often a more sustainable lifestyle through resource sharing. While residents have their own private space (like a separate house or apartment), the community typically comes together regularly for meals, meetings, or various activities. This model of living appeals to those seeking a more communal and socially engaging way of life while also having their own personal space.

Hosted by Brougham Street CoHousing on their 7000sqm block in Eltham, this is an opportunity to tour the site and hear from members of the community and guest speakers on the opportunities and challenges in progressing resident-led housing solutions in Australia.

Explore how cohousing can play a catalytic role in creating more resilient communities and higher quality medium density housing in our city.

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Cohousing Australia


Sun 25 Feb 2024


Brougham Street Cohousing
62a Brougham Street
Eltham Victoria 3095
Wurundjeri Country

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