Presented By ReWonder CoLab
9:30am to 11:30am—Mon 26 Feb 2024

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

Full Price $150
Concession Price $75

A Regenerative Futures Lab is an immersive and interactive 2 hour workshop that expands perspectives, cultivates skills and builds knowledge through a series of activities and frameworks.


We are living amid interesting and challenging times, knowing we need to transform the ways we live and work in myriad ways for all humans to thrive on a flourishing planet.

The magnitude and pace of change we face is increasing and becoming overwhelming.

Every action we take and every decision we make presents an opportunity to either bring to being a future we want to live and work in, or reinforce ways that continue to cause human languishing and harm to the planet.

We are all involved. We are all impacted – especially young people.

We are all being invited to change in ways we might not have yet imagined; in our inner selves, our interaction with each other, the places we live and work and planet earth.

Learning to think differently is an important part of this journey.

Regenerative Futures Labs explore:

1. Worldviews and culture

We explore some of the ways we humans make sense of the world.

Beginning with honouring First Nations wisdom as ways of living sustainably we explore the genius of nature’s design principles, futures foresight, complexity science and culture.

2. Place Sourced Futures frameworks
We explore several models and approaches using practical frameworks, to scope the unique potential of our local place and consider ways to strengthen ecological and social health, from a local and global perspective, for immediate application to teaching, student learning, professional practice and real life projects.

3. Techniques to navigate ambiguity
We embed practical evidence based methods throughout the workshop that help cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, realistic optimism and resilience as we all find ways to make sense of the changes and challenges we face in our professional and personal lives.

Event Partners

ReWonder CoLab


Mon 26 Feb 2024


Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)
Adelaide South Australia 5000

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Full Price $150
Concession Price $75
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