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Feeding Melbourne's Economy

9am to 11am—Thu 22 Feb 2024

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Full Price $45

Hosted by the Melbourne Business & Biodiversity Circle (MB&BC), ‘Feeding Melbourne’s Economy’ is part of the seasonal event program which explores the relationships between our local culture, economy & Nature.

Melbourne, known for its diversity and high quality of life, relies heavily on food and farming as a key cultural and economic pillar. From daily work rituals like morning coffee meetings and tea room conversations to world-class conferences and events, every business in Melbourne is intricately connected to Victoria’s food system.

As urban sprawl and rising costs for agricultural land pose challenges for our farmers, it’s crucial for businesses to listen to frontline food and farming professionals. This collective understanding is essential for addressing issues and taking effective business-led biodiversity action for the well-being of present and future generations.

The event will delve into the impact of food systems on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss and pollution. According to the World Bank, the current food systems incur $12 trillion in hidden costs. However, investing in a healthy and sustainable food system could unlock $4.5 trillion in new business opportunities annually.

Join us as we explore how businesses can play a pivotal role in shaping a resilient future for Melbourne and its food & farming sector.

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Regeneration Projects


Thu 22 Feb 2024


Collingwood Children’s Farm
18 St Heliers St
Abbotsford Victoria 3067
Wurundjeri Country

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Full Price $45