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Our Duty to Care | Worlds Collide, features Robert McIntyre’s Our Duty to Care (text by Savanna Wegman), a cross-disciplinary work for voice and piano trio based on Sharma v Minister for the Environment [2021] FCA 560 – a groundbreaking environmental law case which legally proved climate change real in the Courts, with all scientific evidence submitted by either side uncontested. While the case has since been appealed of its duty of care on governmental ministers to preserve future generations from a climate crisis, it has created ripples worldwide, and now also serves as a catalyst for legislative action here in our very own country: the Duty of Care Bill by ACT Senator David Pocock and climate activist Anjali Sharma.

This curation comes with powerful messages but also aims to provide an emotive comfortability and vulnerability when reflecting on climate change, inaction and action. It features music of Melbourne composers of Robert McIntyre, Laura Abraham, Sam Williams, Caerwen Martin and Stuart Greenbaum juxtaposed with the Icelandic music of Olafur Arnalds. This blend of genres between post-minimalism, chamber music, classical crossover and art song, will highlight audience accessibility through a unique perspective, so that anyone can come, contemplate, and then leave feeling impacted in their own nuanced way.

“The overwhelming message of Our Duty to Care is one of reflection. McIntyre takes an introspective tack, and was rewarded by a captivated audience.”




Sat 3 Feb 2024


Tempo Rubato
34 Breese Street
Brunswick Victoria 3056
Wurundjeri Country

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  • Wheelchair Access ( more info )
  • Gender-neutral Bathroom

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Full Price $30
Concession Price $20