Presented By Wellington Shire Council - Sustainability Team
10am to 1pm—Sun 25 Feb 2024

Nakunbalook Environmental and Cultural Education Centre

Free Event

Join Wellington Shire Council and Gippsland Climate Change Network for a series of presentations that explore the numerous advantages of converting your home from gas to electric energy. This event is designed to empower homeowners with the knowledge and resources needed to take charge of their energy consumption and environmental impact.
Learn from experts how to reduce your power bills from using simple hacks through to upgrading to energy efficient appliances and using cleaner energy.
Exhibitors on display:
Local EV owners will show off their vehicles and are happy to share their experiences choosing, puchasing and driving emission-free cars.
Local solar and energy efficient appliance providers and installers can help you make the first steps to making your home cheaper to run.
Presentations include
Home efficiency actions with Dr Malcolm McKelvie: Discover practical strategies and home improvement ideas to boost your property’s energy efficiency. Learn how small changes can make a big difference and understand how scorecard assessments can help you pinpoint areas for improvement.
Energy management with VoltaRocks: Explore the latest in energy management technologies and techniques. Find out how to optimize your energy usage, and save money on your energy bills. Oscar Omegna, VoltaRocks CEO ,will provide insights on energy monitoring, upgrades, savings, and rebates with the community.
Health impacts of gas, pollution and inefficient homes: Consider the health implications of pollution and using gas in your home, and learn how transitioning to electric energy can lead to a healthier living environment.
What are heat pumps?: How to make the most of your heat pump for hot water, especially in conjunction with rooftop solar
Government rebates: Stay informed about government incentives and rebates available for homeowners who make the switch from gas to electric. Discover how you can take advantage of financial incentives to upgrade your home.


Sun 25 Feb 2024


Nakunbalook Environmental and Cultural Education Centre
33 Nakunbalook Place
Sale Victoria 3850
Gunaikurnai country

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Free Event