Presented By Village Dreaming
1pm to 5pm—Sun 18 Feb 2024

ORTO Farm at Village Dreaming

Full Price $90

This is a demonstration class and we will learn how to make sourdough using tins in a small domestic oven.

Free form sourdough loaves have become very popular as they challenge the sourdough bakers a little more and allow bakers to develop a very open crumb.

However bread is incredibly delicious either way and tin baked bread being easier to make, allows even the busiest of people to bake.

What You Will Learn

I will teach you to make your own leaven and I’ll give you some too.

You will learn how to care for it, don’t worry it’s an easy thing to do.

We will look at free form loaves and tin loaves and flours and kneading techniques.

Chats about bulk fermentation, proofing and scoring.

Humidity and how to use your fridge and oven… to slow things down…to speed things up.

For home bakers who want to produce theatre, flavour and fragrance in the kitchen.

For big-hearted people who want to engage in savoury performances, humble or grand. A backdrop for nurturing and chatting and caring for each other.

Slices of warm bread, butter melting, at night in the dark of winter, in the morning in the light of summer.

Grazing Platter
A delicious grazing platter available throughout the class and drinks of all kinds too.

We will make three demonstration loaves.

ORTO loaf with Rye leaven, wholewheat & white flour.
Chocolate Bread with cacao, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate & seasonal berries
Onion, garlic & chives bread.
Join me if you can…arrivederci! Mara

IMPORTANT: 🙂 Please note it is crucial that you arrive on time for this class 🙂


Sun 18 Feb 2024


ORTO Farm at Village Dreaming
100 Allisons Rd
Blampied Victoria 3364
Djaara Country

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Full Price $90