Presented By Westside Cohousing & CoHousing Australia

Cohousing Common Meal

10am to 11:30am—Sat 3 Feb 2024

Borderlands Co-op

Full Price $15
Concession Price $9

What is cohousing? And what’s a common meal?  Partake in a typical common meal and explore how our life might be different if we lived in healthy and connected communities.

How can knowing your neighbour help you live more sustainability? How can sharing common meals help you live a longer and healthier life? What do you currently do alone that you would love to do with others?

Imagine if you lived in an apartment block or townhouse complex designed by you and your neighbours? Join the WorldCafe workshop, which will explore how we can live better together.

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Westside Cohousing & CoHousing Australia


Sat 3 Feb 2024


Borderlands Co-op
30A Pickett St
Footscray Victoria 2011

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Full Price $15
Concession Price $9
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