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Better Together - Co-Living

10am to 12pm—Sat 24 Feb 2024

Open Field Co-Living

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Nicola & Dan from Open Field Co-living welcome you for a talk and tour at our hempcrete passive house and homestead specifically designed for sustainable co-living.

When it comes to ‘Think Global, Act Local’, your home is as local as you can get. Building energy-efficient, collaborative housing using carbon neutral materials, is one of the most resource efficient ways that we can simultaneously tackle both the climate crisis and housing crisis, as well as improve our collective wellbeing and mental health.

When completed in April 204, the warm, energy-efficient and light-filled home will support several families and individuals to live together under its one large roof.
The land is 10 acres and together with the home intends to support a climate-resilient homesteading lifestyle. Water and human waste systems will be managed off-grid, and electricity will be provided by solar and batteries and connected back into the grid to support the broader community’s Net Zero transition. Orchards, animals, market gardens, and aquaculture will be cultivated in concert with soil regeneration and biodiversity.

Stepping into relationships of interdependence through living together also creates more resilience in the face of climate change, natural disasters and global instability. Providing both stable, long-term housing and a permaculture homestead, Open Field Co-Living offers residents the opportunity to become more self-sufficient and resilient, as we meet our needs for food, water, practical support and social connection closer to home.

This tour will talk through our reasoning through every part of the design, development and implementation of the project. This event will talk you through our choices of various sustainable materials and building techniques, as well as our thoughtful consideration of how the homestead will function from a social and community perspective.

Share in more detail how Open Field Co-Living designed for an enjoyable and functional co-living experience through thoughtful additions like high quality acoustic separation and insulation, private and public areas, all ability access, cleverly designed shared bathrooms, and interaction with the landscape and gardens.

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Open Field Co-Living


Sat 24 Feb 2024

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Full Price $10
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